Me, the weight loss journey

On June 21, 2011 I had weight loss surgery – a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. You can learn more about how this all came about by reading the post I posted on our blog in December 2011 when I told everyone I had had it done – as soon as I hit 100 pounds lost. I only add this as a separate item because it’s a big part of my life right now and has completely changed my life.

Obesity Help – my profile and weight loss ramblings at OH
Alicia Grossman – my weight loss surgery supportive primary doctor
Advanced Chiropractic – Diane Shigley has given me so much relief
Dr. Ganta at Austin Bariatric – My surgeon, the best in Austin, if I do say so myself!
Lynn Zipoy - my counselor who specializes in weight loss issues here in Austin, LOVE HER!
St. David’s North Austin Medical Center – Hospital I had surgery at, the bariatric coordinator holds a monthly support group, worth my former weight in gold :)

I don’t talk about my weight incessantly, but those are the best resources I have so I wanted to get those out there.