Me, the volunteer

I love to volunteer and give back to the various communities in my life. Unfortunately, I’m not able to give back as much as I would like, but we all do what I can, I suppose.

2 Minutes With A VA – My way of giving anyone that cares to ask a question about being a VA some of my time. I started this in February 2009.
@2minuteswithava on Twitter – Twitter for the above – I tweet there sometimes too.
VA Networking – I volunteer here as a forum host
Virtual Assitance League – An international organization for virtual assistants. Co founder and volunteer
School – I also volunteer in various ways for my kid’s school

I feel pretty strongly that everyone should give back in some way. I often wish I could find time to give back in the local community as well, but I have to also remember that my time is limited – I keep saying I’ll do more when I retire *laugh*