Me, the book nerd

I love to read. I usually read around 100 books per year. People often ask me how I manage to read that much. Really, I don’t watch TV at night (I watch/listen while I work during the day on the TiVo desktop) or do any crafts, so I read. I have various little fun places I hang out to get my book fix.

Candy’s Raves blog – A blog with reviews about my favorite books (and occasional other stuff)
Raves on Facebook – Facebook page for Candy’s Raves
My Goodreads Profile – I keep track and post reviews here
Amazon Reviews – My reviews on Amazon
Paperback Swap – A great place to swap books, it costs just the postage to mail a book. You get a credit to use to order one that you haven’t read yet. Fabulous set up. Easily the best. Their sister site, Swap a DVD, is equally fabulous if you are a movie fan.