Just Me

I grew up in a very small town near Charleston, SC. I got married very young and moved to Honolulu, HI in early 1993 to be with my sweetie, who was in the Navy. (Yes, we are still happily married). We moved to his hometown of Austin, TX in late 1998. I can be shy, but when I get to know you, I won’t shut up. I can be a bit of a know-it-all, but most of the time I’m right anyway *smile*

I love to take photographs (although I’m not anywhere near a pro). I adore books and am constantly reading something. I love what I do for a living and I feel so lucky to have found a wonderful neighborhood with great friends here in Austin. I feel very much “at home” here, although I think I’ll always be considered a “transplant”. Some places you can find me online:

@CandyTX on Twitter – I’m pretty much addicted to Twitter and never shut up. Random running commentary about my life, my work, my kids, whatever. I can be a little un-PC at times. You are warned.
My Flickr Stream – Where you can find random photos I take, some good, some bad – not updated as often as I’d like, unfortunately.
My Wishlist – Stuff I want – my birthday is March 2. Just sayin’
Kindle Wishlist – Books I want – yeah, you can gift kindle books now, very cool!
Facebook – I use this mainly for personal and playing around and I’m kind of unPC at times. You are warned.
MySpace – I’m here too, but can’t remember the last time I even looked at it.
Linked In – Yeah, I’m here too.