Just Me

I grew up in a very small town near Charleston, SC. I got married very young and moved to Honolulu, HI in early 1993 to be with my sweetie, who was in the Navy. (Yes, we are still happily married). We moved to his hometown of Austin, TX in late 1998. I can be shy, but when I get to know you, I won’t shut up. I can be a bit of a know-it-all, but most of the time I’m right anyway *smile*

I love to take photographs (although I’m not anywhere near a pro). I adore books and am constantly reading something. I love what I do for a living and I feel so lucky to have found a wonderful neighborhood with great friends here in Austin. I feel very much “at home” here, although I think I’ll always be considered a “transplant”. Some places you can find me online:

@CandyTX on Twitter – I’m pretty much addicted to Twitter and never shut up. Random running commentary about my life, my work, my kids, whatever. I can be a little un-PC at times. You are warned.
My Flickr Stream – Where you can find random photos I take, some good, some bad – not updated as often as I’d like, unfortunately.
My Wishlist – Stuff I want – my birthday is March 2. Just sayin’
Kindle Wishlist – Books I want – yeah, you can gift kindle books now, very cool!
Facebook – I use this mainly for personal and playing around and I’m kind of unPC at times. You are warned.
MySpace – I’m here too, but can’t remember the last time I even looked at it.
Linked In – Yeah, I’m here too.

Me, the wife and mother

I’ve been married to a wonderful man, Tom (a teacher), since March of 1993. We have two kids – our son, Jamie, was born in October 2000 and our daughter, Cassie, was born in February 2003. My family is the single most important thing to me. I talk about them often and I don’t apologize for it :)

Beauchamp Family Blog – We try to keep up with this, has a post or two per month, sometimes more, sometimes less.
Our Recipe Zaar Profile – Tom cooks and I take photos, we haven’t really done much with this in a while, but it’s here.
IYGAKAC Blog Project – If You Give A Kid A Camera is a blog project I started and invited others to participate. It’s pretty dormant right now. I hope to revive it at some point. I’m also open to passing it to someone that can love it properly…

Me, the business owner

I own and operate OffAssist, a virtual bookkeeping and assistance firm. I started offering bookkeeping services in 2002 and it’s grown larger than I could ever have imagined. I’m very proud of myself and how far we’ve come. More information:

OffAssist Website - Learn more about what we do.
TexVAL- Texas Virtual Assistance League – a state-based organization I started for virtual assistants in TX. I have since passed it along to someone else to run.
VA League – The Virtual Assistance League – an international organization I co-founded for Virtual Assistants.
OffAssist Blog - Subscribe to our blog, updated rarely, but always good content ;)
Subscribe to our Newsletter – Comes out monthly at OffAssist
@OffAssist on Twitter – Business twitter account
OffAssist Facebook Page – Of COURSE we have one of those too!

Me, the weight loss journey

On June 21, 2011 I had weight loss surgery – a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. You can learn more about how this all came about by reading the post I posted on our blog in December 2011 when I told everyone I had had it done – as soon as I hit 100 pounds lost. I only add this as a separate item because it’s a big part of my life right now and has completely changed my life.

Obesity Help – my profile and weight loss ramblings at OH
Alicia Grossman – my weight loss surgery supportive primary doctor
Advanced Chiropractic – Diane Shigley has given me so much relief
Dr. Ganta at Austin Bariatric – My surgeon, the best in Austin, if I do say so myself!
Lynn Zipoy - my counselor who specializes in weight loss issues here in Austin, LOVE HER!
St. David’s North Austin Medical Center – Hospital I had surgery at, the bariatric coordinator holds a monthly support group, worth my former weight in gold :)

I don’t talk about my weight¬†incessantly, but those are the best resources I have so I wanted to get those out there.

Me, the volunteer

I love to volunteer and give back to the various communities in my life. Unfortunately, I’m not able to give back as much as I would like, but we all do what I can, I suppose.

2 Minutes With A VA – My way of giving anyone that cares to ask a question about being a VA some of my time. I started this in February 2009.
@2minuteswithava on Twitter – Twitter for the above – I tweet there sometimes too.
VA Networking – I volunteer here as a forum host
School – I also volunteer in various ways for my kid’s school

I feel pretty strongly that everyone should give back in some way. I often wish I could find time to give back in the local community as well, but I have to also remember that my time is limited – I keep saying I’ll do more when I retire *laugh*

Me, the book nerd

I love to read. I usually read around 100 books per year. People often ask me how I manage to read that much. Really, I don’t watch TV at night (I watch/listen while I work during the day on the TiVo desktop) or do any crafts, so I read. I have various little fun places I hang out to get my book fix.

Candy’s Raves blog – A blog with reviews about my favorite books (and occasional other stuff)
Raves on Facebook – Facebook page for Candy’s Raves
My Goodreads Profile – I keep track and post reviews here
Amazon Reviews – My reviews on Amazon
Paperback Swap¬†- A great place to swap books, it costs just the postage to mail a book. You get a credit to use to order one that you haven’t read yet. Fabulous set up. Easily the best. Their sister site,¬†Swap a DVD, is equally fabulous if you are a movie fan.

Me, the contact info

Wanna get in touch with me?

Email -
Personal: candytx@gmail.com
Business: candy@offassist.com
2Mins: ask@2minuteswithava.com
VA League: candy@valeague.com

Instant Messenger of choice is -
Skype: OffAssist

Snail Mail:
PO Box 170128, Austin, TX 78717

Otherwise, if you know me, you know where to find me :)

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